Sport Fishing Yachts and Boats for Sale

Sport fishing yachts and boats are made for those who have a heart for fishing. These sport boats range between twenty feet and one-hundred feet. Since most owners of sport fishing yachts are very interested in fishing, this type of boat is made to make a fishing trip an amazing experience. Buying the perfect sport fishing yacht just got easier with YATCO. Designed by yachting professionals for today’s yacht market, we are the industry’s most trusted and accurate yacht listing platform to sell sport fishing yachts and boats. We provide access to the world's most comprehensive database while ensuring all exclusive, central boat listings adhere to a strict code of rules and ethics.

There are two main types of sport fishing boats we sell. The first type has a center console, while the second is considered a cabin cruiser, this second type is ideal for extended fishing excursions. However, no matter the boat design, the goal is the same—to enhance your time out at sea. Both types of sport fishing yachts for sale generally have an expansive aft cockpit. This cockpit contains the main controls for the boat. These can be built differently depending on the yacht builder, but they are typically the safest place to be during a storm if there is no cabin available. 
Now the overall look of the sport fishing boat depends on the boat owner. But stylistically, the side decks are narrow but are compensated for by a generous foredeck. There is also an open deck above the main bridge of the vessel, which is referred to as the flybridge. If the vessel is larger, it can have duplicate controls to the cockpit in order to captain the vessel from above without having to go to the cockpit.

Again, depending on the size of the sport yacht you are planning to buy, there can be from one to four staterooms attached to the main saloon. This saloon can have cooking amenities, sofas, chairs and TV's for lounging while on a longer fishing expedition.

The most notable feature on a sport fishing boat is the fighting chair, which is located in the stern of the vessel. The construction and beauty of a modern fighting chair depend on the boat owner’s preferences and needs. A popular material to use is teak for hardwoods. However, the injection-molded resin is just as easily found on the market. The synthetic material is easier to maintain and the cost is lower for the purchase of the chair itself and its upkeep. The synthetic is also perfect for vessels wishing to do hard fishing charter operations where function is more important than beauty. Since the chair can cost up to a couple thousand dollars, they are custom made to the measurements of the primary user. Why the cost? Well, it can take more than eighty man hours to make just one chair. The spindle, corner and footrest brackets, the rod cups, and striking holders are a few of options to be tweaked to have a perfect and comfortable experience on your sport fishing vessel.

At YATCO, you will only find valid sport fishing yacht and boat for sale listings, which means no unwanted duplicates, bogus or expired listings. We also work closely with leading worldwide yacht brokerage associations to certify that all broker members are qualified professionals.

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