Looking for a catamaran for sale? With the YATCO MLS, buying the perfect catamaran just got easier. Designed by yachting professionals for today’s yacht market, we are the industry’s most trusted and accurate search platform. We provide access to the world's most comprehensive database while ensuring all exclusive, central catamaran listings adhere to a strict code of rules and ethics. The catamarans we sell are an excellent choice for many lovers of the sea due to their performance, low draft, and stability. The category of catamarans includes racing catamarans, open deck cruising catamarans, and bridge-deck cabin cruisers—to name a few.

The technology used to devise a catamaran is unlike any other boat. Being unique, just like their name, catamarans are the only form of watercraft that is constructed with two connected hulls or out of a single hull with two parallel keels; these characteristics allow specialized advantages that a monohull or a power boat could not demonstrate.

Our catamarans for sale are built with efficiency in mind and are environmentally friendly. The weight of a catamaran is split between the two hulls or keels. The addition of a second hull allows for divided weight distribution, lessening the overall drag. Since the drag is diminished, resistance is lessened and a higher range of speed is accomplished. Fuel economy is facilitated in the process as well. Less motor power is needed and the range of distance a catamaran can cover expands beyond general conjecture.

They also have a lower draft which enables them to not only be in deep ocean waters but also cruise through shallow waters and meet draft restrictions of small marinas and bays. Catamarans we sell are typically associated with stability because of the large distance between the two hulls or keels. The distribution again enhances its comfort. Catamarans don’t have the unpleasant rolling while at anchor or heeling down from sails than other boats of its size would have. Passengers are less likely to experience seasickness and instead can fully enjoy the comfort of the catamaran.
Why should you buy a catamaran from us? The answer is simple. The catamarans we sell come in a variety from basic to luxurious, catamarans come in different sizes, designs and styles to suit every kind of owner. The quality of a catamaran cannot be questioned and is an excellent starter for a family or for just a couple wanting to explore. The fascinating types of features that can be found in such a watercraft are boundless. No two catamarans are alike, and a wide variety of fun water toys and snorkel gear can be added onboard to make yours perfect for you!

At YATCO, you will only find valid  catamaran listings, which means no unwanted duplicates, bogus or expired listings. We also work closely with leading worldwide yacht brokerage associations to certify that all  yacht broker members are qualified professionals. 

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